Despite all plans

Early in July I graduated with a degree in communication design and finally ended my studies at the art academy in Stuttgart after seven very instructive years. (There is a video of my diploma thesis presentation—but it's in german.) A long period of my life ended and a new one just had begun. I was just continuing all the preparations to start working full-time as an "Indie-Developer".

Well, despite all plans things turned out differently: I was offered a job within the first two weeks after my diploma presentation. I was flattered, but I really didn’t like the idea that much. Nonetheless I decided to get to know the company and the people working there. The offered job surprisingly sounded like it was all about the stuff I love to do. So I went for another interview and I started feeling comfortable with the idea to give it a shot. I really liked the people in the first place and the work seemed very interesting and multifaceted.

What could I have wished for more?

Initially it somehow felt wrong to leave my laid out path of becoming an „Indie-Developer“. After a while this feeling changed and now I’m pretty curious and decided to take the chance. There is so much to learn right now after finishing my studies and this looks like a great opportunity to me. I’m looking forward to learn as much as I can, working in a lot of different and partially pretty large-scale projects, that I otherwise never would have had the chance to work on.

Being able to focus on the work I love the most, leaving all the book keeping stuff behind me, enjoying financial safety and knowing to be able to get back on the indie-road somewhere in the future if I want to, seems just wonderful to me right now.

I’m very happy to not have been stubborn this time (it happens every once in a while) and took the chance on a very exciting opportunity.

Can’t wait to see how it will turn out.

P.S. I just visited my first developer conference several weeks ago. It was the macoun developer conference in Frankfurt and I found it a very enjoyable occasion. I met interesting people there, enjoyed the talks and just had a great time.

Note to myself: It’s always good to leave the screen for a while and jump right into a group of very likable nerds.